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A Pleasant Way to Learn English

What exactly is "Suggestopedia"?


With the Suggestopedia Methode the trainer "suggests" or offers the learner a variety of ways to learn the required material. The learning process involves using all five senses, which intensifies the learning process. The didactic techniques cater to all learning types. The idea behind suggestopedia is that learning should and can be fun, even effortless. Participants learn to use their inner resources to speed up their learning progress.

In a pleasant atmosphere participants learn from each other as well as from the trainer. Active and passive learning phases allow the participants to use and practice what they already know which reduces their inhibitions. This experience increases their willingness to "absorb" new information while having fun. Scientific studies show that "learning" with this method requires less time and that the knowledge acquired in this fashion is retained longer.

The group experience as well as a variety of teaching methods helps the participants to relax and open their minds to new ideas. Without fear of "failure" participants enter into a learning experience that allows them to experiment with their language abilities more freely

The time frame for these suggestopedic seminars is between 3 days and 2 weeks. Groups of 5 - 10 participants learn to inter-act, help and learn from each other, while improving their own personal English level.


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